At last… a HIP which buyers can value and when you order a HIP though your solicitor member firm or directly, we will not give a £25 charity contribution to Barnardo’s, the charity who are working to promote closer links with local communities and regeneration of local areas.

With few exceptions, a Home Information Pack (HIP) is required before marketing your property for sale.

A poor quality or inaccurate HIP that does not comply with the HIP Regulations could leave you liable to a fine but will in any event cause delay. Solicitors are best placed to commission your HIP.

A “plus” HIP differs from many HIP’s in that it:

  1. Is professionally prepared by local experts, helping you to support the local economy.
  2. Contains useful information from your buyer, such as details about schools and local amenities.
  3. It contains an electronic ID check which means you won’t need to provide documents to your Estate Agents and your Solicitors check will be quicker.
  4. It can be ordered with insurance cover to prolong its shelf life.
  5. Provides you with independence as it can be used with any Estate Agent.
  6. A HIP ordered through an NSA Solicitor will result in an automatic £25 donation to Barnardo’s.


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